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The University of St. Andrews Astronomical Society

Explore the universe with us.


AstroSoc is run by students but open to all! We host free stargazing events almost every Thursday night, from the comfort of our observatory. Open rain or shine, we endevour to showcase the best that the universe has to offer. Whether you are a Professor of Astrophysics or you haven’t even heard of the Moon, we would love to have you and we are sure you will learn something new!

Orion nebula
Our 10" telescope

Our equipment

AstroSoc primarily uses the Napier Building Observatories. Here we use both our 10" Makutov-Cassegrain LX200 and 16" Schmidt-Cassegrain LX200 telescopes to seek out the dimmest stars. Capable of seeing galaxies outside of our own, we regularly push these instruments to their limits. Join us for a night and see the breathtaking magnifience of the universe for yourself.

The Comittee

The people who run the society

Photo of
  • President
Dan Marshall

I love astronomy, data & ways to stop the planet from dying.

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  • Vice-President
Abbie Donaldson

5th year Astrophysicist. Usually mixing coffee with my hot chocolate.

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  • Treasurer
Cameron Newby

Rocket nerd, marksman & surprisingly good swimmer.

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  • Secretary
Rachel Barron

Bookworm, guitarist & knitting enthusiast.

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  • Senior Observing Director
Glen Hunter

Lover of nebulae, telescopes and crafting.

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  • Depute Observing Director
Izzy Donaldson

I'm always up to talk about stars, and especially galaxys.

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  • Web Overlord
Paul Graham

Developing is fun!

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  • Events Rep.
Carolyn Mill

Just in it for the hot chocolate.

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  • Publicity Officer
Ru McClure

Social Media guru (spends too much time on instagram).

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  • Trip Organiser
Veronika Sedláková

PhySoc is better, really...

Photo of
  • Baking Rep.
Ishbel Wright

I help out by doing Bake Sales.

Photo of
  • First Year Rep.
Charlotte Fries

Proud owner of a 1969-piece Saturn V rocket LEGO set.

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  • Postgraduate Rep.
Dennis Alexander Goodtzov

5th year Astrophysicist. I love penguins & stars.

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  • Ordinary Member Rep.
Callum McGregor

I like space cats & AstroSoc.

Photo of
  • Star Ball Rep.
Ian Russell

I help out with our annual ball, Star Ball.

Our partners

Organisations who help us run the society.

Our partner - Students' Association
Students' Association

We are a registed society of the University of St. Andrews.

Our partner - Physics and Astronomy & PhySoc
Physics and Astronomy & PhySoc

The school allows us to use the Napier obveratory for our events.